Main CharactersEdit

  • Dink (voiced by R.J. Williams) – The main protagonist, an Apatosaurus. He is nice, brave and smart, Dink has a strong bond with his friends.
  • Amber (voiced by Anndi McAfee) – A close friend of Dink's, she is like a big sister figure and she is often teamwork with her best friend Dink. She is a Corythosaurus.
  • Scat[1][2] (voiced by Frank Welker) – The scaredy-cat friend of Dink's with a humongous appetite, a Compsognathus. He speaks in the third person, and will do just about anything to get at honeyfruit, which is his favorite food. Scat tends to think a lot of Dink's ideas are dangerous. His appetite gets him into trouble a lot.
  • Shyler (voiced by Ben Ryan Ganger) – A shy friend of Dink's, an Edaphosaurus who talks in a child's voice, pronouncing with a "w" instead of an "r". Shyler looks up to Dink, Amber and Crusty. Dink is like an older brother figure to Shyler as Amber is like big sister to him.
  • Flapper (voiced by S. Scott Bullock) – A jokester friend of Dink's, a Pteranodon. He tends to be a braggart, and he speaks with a slight lisp. He constantly tries to land in water, but always fails.
  • Crusty (voiced by Frank Welker) – An old turtle who mentors the dino youngsters. He often tells the kids stories that often help teach them valuable lessons, and is usually around when they have a problem going on.


  • Ariel (voiced by Jennifer Darling) – A leucistic Parasaurolophus who once saved Amber from Tyrannor.
  • Uncle Longbeak (voiced by Hamilton Camp) – Flapper's uncle, whom he talks about a lot.
  • Pearl: A female Edaphosaurus friend of Shyler.
  • Scratcher (voiced by Dick Beals) – A Deinonychus who preferred to eat plants instead of meat.
  • Red – A Brachiosaurus (Thundermaker) who was really a spirit who lived in the Cave of Spirits.
  • Earthshaker (voiced by Frank Welker) – A giant Ultrasaurus who shook the ground when he walked and talked.
  • Dippo (voiced by Dana Hill) – A Diplocaulus afraid of what other dinosaurs think of his kind. Good friends with Shyler.
  • Opo – An Opisthocoelicaudia friend of the gang who helps Ariel to escape from Tyrannor.
  • Dim – A dimwitted Rebbachisaurus friend of the gang.
  • Tubble & Hubble (voiced by Jim Cummings and Jack Angel) – An old Alamosaurus pair of pathfinders for a herd of Diplodocus.
  • Squirt (voiced by Russi Taylor) – A Stegosaurus who once thought Crusty was his mother.
  • Shortspike – A Polacanthus whose parents were in trouble by a volcano. He is friend with Dink.
  • Cornelius – A Hypacrosaurus who was a rival of Dink's.
  • Trail Blazer – An Apatosaurus who used his tail to create Green Meadow and Tarpit Pass (which protects Green Meadow from Hunters like Tyrannor).
    • Patch & Ridetail – Trail Blazer's children.
  • Strongfoot – Trail Blazer's rival.
  • Tiny (voiced by Joey Camen) – A Megazostrodon who Dink helps get to a fruit guarded by a bullish Dicraeosaurus.
  • Brighteyes (voiced by Jodi Carlisle) – A mother Barosaurus who the gang help to protect her eggs against some egg-hunters.
  • Buttercup (voiced by Billie Hayes) – Crusty's childhood turtle friend.
  • Beast (voiced by Michael Bell) – A disfigured Saurolophus.
  • Iggy – A Camptosaurus who Shyler helps find his way home.
  • Nobbie – A Pachycephalosaurus. He is good friend with Shyler.
  • Daisy – A Diplodocus whom Scat had a crush on.
  • Brusier – Daisy's boyfriend.
  • Glowy – A firefly that Shyler wanted to keep.
  • Melodi (voiced by Kath Soucie) – A Supersaurus (sea dragon) who the gang helps save her mate.
  • Forest (voiced by Cam Clarke) – A Corythosaurus who once made Dink jealous one time.
  • Stormfoot (voiced by Dana Hill) – A Centrosaurus who fought Dink in the "Challenge of the Desert" duel.
  • Jerry – A pink Gerrothorax whose tail gets stuck under a rock and whom Crusty frees.
  • Mama Triceratops – A Triceratops who once thought Scat was her son.