Dink, the Little Dinosaur is an animated series produced by Ruby-Spears Productions and co-produced by Hanna Barbera Productions. The series originally aired on the CBS Kids block on CBS from 1989 to 1991.[1] Several of the series' episodes were combined into the 1989 video movie Dink the Little Dinosaur while further episodes combined to form the Land of No Return in September 14, 1994.


The series followed Dink the Apatosaurus and his four friends as they explore and dwell in the volcanic landscape of prehistory in a place called Green Meadow. Its outlines fostered positive behaviors, such as caring about oneself and others, tolerance, ecology, problem-solving and team work.

The second season introduced a weekly segment called "Factasaurus" that taught lessons and fun facts educating children about different dinosaur species.

Episode guideEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Shell Game/Shyler's Friend (9/16/1989)
  2. Dink, Come Home/White Beauty (9/23/1989)
  3. Crusty's Baby/The Gentle Hunter (9/30/1989)
  4. Phantom of the Cave/Dry River (10/7/1989)
  5. Tricera-Scat/Search (10/14/1989)
  6. Amber's Crusade/Old Timers (10/21/1989)
  7. Uncle Longbeak/Surprise! (10/28/1989)
  8. The Hollow Tree/Badge of Courage (11/4/1989)
  9. Wish Mountain/Crusty's New Home (11/11/1989)
  10. Small Stuff/Light's Out (11/18/1989)
  11. Mystery of the Broken Claw/Encounter at Flatrock (11/25/1989)
  12. The Sky is Falling/Sea Rescue (12/2/1989)
  13. Raiders of the Lost Nest/Land of No Return (12/9/1989)

Season 2Edit

  1. Scavenger/Tar Troubles (9/15/1990)
  2. The Honeyfruit Hero/Tall Tale (9/22/1990)
  3. Crusty's Reunion/Tale of the Beast (9/29/1990)
  4. Scat-ter Brained/Fraidy Scat (10/6/1990)
  5. The Reluctant Head-Banger/Wrongs of Spring (10/13/1990)
  6. Overrun/The Last of Their Kind (10/20/1990)
  7. Day of the Snake/Rivals (10/27/1990)
  8. Challenge/The Secret (11/3/1990)


  • It hasn't been released on DVD yet.