Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race Edaphosaurus/Dimetrodon
Faction Green Meadow
Status Alive
Location The Green Meadow

Shyler is a shy friend of Dink's. He's an Edaphosaurus, who talks in a child's voice pronouncing with a "w" instead of an "r". Shyler looks up to Dink, Amber and Crusty. Dink is like an older brother figure to Shyler as Amber is like big sister to him. He's also described very cute and sweet. He has blue eyes, freckles, green spots over his body, and a yellow tummy. Shyler is a victim of horrendous abuse. Shyler would often breakdown in tears with no warning mentioning how he was molested or beaten by his father, Fay-Got Fukes. He was voiced by Ben Ryan Ganger.


  • While the canon series is mainly centered on adventures associated with all the main characters, most fanfics have somehow Shyler-related plots